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Executive Summary

I’m a passionate and enthusiastic digital marketing specialist with track records of helping small businesses to achieve greater brand recognition and make more sales online. I plan, develop and implement digital  marketing strategies that drive business growth online. I am :

  • Fully Knowledgeable in planning and managing paid campaigns across both search and social media.
  • Expert at content management (WordPress) and G-suite 
  • Excellent at planning, developing and executing digital marketing strategies.
  • Highly skilled at social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing and community management.
  • Data-driven – Using data to guide decisions and strategies.
  • Ability to manage day-to-day digital projects effectively.

My services include:

Social media management and advertising

Facebook pixel installation and event setup

Setting up conversion API

Creating engaging social media and blog posts.

Newsletter management: Automation, workflow, content creation etc.

Creating high converting landing page

Web Design

WordPress Website Management

My Expertise

Over the course of my 5 years career, I have developed relevant skills, experience and certifications from top companies such as Google, Linkedin, HubSpot etc. Be rest assured that hiring me as your digital marketing specialist will put a smile on your face.

Mujidat Abdulkaree plan, develop and implement social media marketing strategies that convert your business into a big brand on social media.

Strategy Development

I plan, develop and implement social media marketing strategies that convert your business into a big brand on social media.

Social Media Management & Advertising

I integrate social media management services into your overall marketing strategy to maximize your online presence. My social media  management service attract, nurture, and convert your followers into customers

Content Creation

With users and search engines in mind, I create high quality content that positions your brand as an authority in your field.
Not only do I develop an effective content marketing strategy but also write great contents that maximize your return on investment.

Digital Marketing Strategy Development

I start my methodology by understanding your business, where you are coming from, and where you are going. Building upon this insight, I develop a customized plan for your company.

Email Marketing Services

From lead generation to lead nurturing and marketing automation set up, I am your go-to. I am proficient in the management of email marketing software such as Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, HubSpot.etc. 

My Experience

As a passionate and result-driven digital marketing exper, I plan, develop and execute digital strategies that drive business growth online.


Digital Marketing Specialist

Photizo Properties Ltd.
  • Develop and execute effective digital  markeing plan.
  • Plan and run paid social media ads for the company.
  • Generate high quality leads for the company.
  • Generate high quality leads for the Sales department


Social Media Manager

Stress Management Summit Africa
  • Manage the company social media handles.
  • Create high converting social media ads for the summits.
  • Generated over a thousand registered attendees for the summit.


Lead Digital Marketer

WeHostAfrica Ltd.
  • Develop marketing & operational workflow to achieve the company goals on social media & Website
  • Write and Publish content on the company’s blog company.
  • Manage the company social media presence and supervise the marketing team.


Social Media Manager

363 Photography
  • Manage the company social media Handles and email communications.
  • Ranks the company Google my Business profile N#1.
  • Planned and managed paid campaigns across both search and social media.


Digital Marketer/Content Creator

TSL Nigeria
  • Creating engaging content for newsletter.
  • Ran paid social media advertising for clients


The secret to my effective digital marketing is an inverted pyramid. It looks like a funnel. I called it KLM( KNOW ME, LIKE ME , TRUST ME).


KNOW ME: I create awareness among many target audiences as much as possible on relevant social media platforms that are most suited for your business. Here is an example of KNOW ME  social media post for 363 photography. This posts got the company tones of  leads and appointment bookings.

LIKE ME: For connection, recognition, and trust, I share content that is tailored to your audience’s needs.Let’ people  see enough similarity in terms of branding, graphics, as well as other content cues so that your brand stands apart from everybody else’s.

TRUST ME: I create a high value content that sucks in leads like a vacuum.  For example, I initiated the creation the giveaway “How to prepare your kids for a photo session“. which shocked in leads like vacumm. 

Ranked 363 Photography Profile #1.

Moved 363 photography Google my business profile from 108 photo views to 41.1k vies and rank the company #1.

Researched and wrote a step-by-step guide that teaches WeHostAfrica audience how to build their first website in clear and easy steps and with zero programming skills and zero experience.